You call me son.
I call you by name.

The things you have done
You should be ashamed.

You say you are a better man,
You want me to see.

My eyes are open
To the man who stands before me.

You want to be in my life
But you had your chance to make things right.
I am tired of giving you another try.

You claim to be telling the truth.
How about you show me the proof.
Every time I want to meet, you have another excuse.

I despise you for all you have done
Because of you I could not rest
Day and night my tears ran down my mother’s dress

The hell I’ve went through
The pain you caused
My respect for you I have lost

It’s you that needs to open your eyes
Then maybe you will see.
I am a better man than you’ll ever be.

Listen closely, this will be the last time
I will say what I am about to say.
Don’t bother asking why.
I love you father,

Good bye.


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