Checkmate !


Remember me ?

it has been a while since you last glarred you heaven blue eyes into my crystal clear soul

 years since your devilish grin capture my glance

Do you remeber me ?

Take a seat, let me refresh your memory

The girl lying under you, type grip on her neck

the one you slapped around , her face being a tennis ball , your hand the raccet 

Remember me now?

Or should I paint you the picture of the sunny July day 

When you squeezed on my neck, leaving me breathless, tears ice skating down my face,

repeating to me the love you claimed you never had

oh how i saw the red take over your heavenly blue eyes, you may have the name of Gods son

yet are nothing like our lord and savior .

Remember me now ? 

Or should i talk about girls you cheated on me with , the unborn child , the fights, the pain ,

the blade and my vien. 

should i mention leaving me clothesless , breast bare in the streets , 

mention how pleased you seem to rip my dress and proceed to walk away and leave

Oh now you remember ?

Why do you seem so surprised ?

To see me standing so tall 

no longer tears in my eyes

to see how much i've grown 

oh i'm beautiful now ?

seems like you can't keep your opinions straight

Im taking over now , 



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