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Why do I write?
I write to live and I write to breathe
And to tell the stories that many aren't able to speak
The thoughts that the pen provokes the paper to say
Allows one voice to be the voice of many
To show the struggles of young and old and healthy and ill
To portray the melancholy faces of a young girl that hasn't been able to say a word
Her mouth locked shut and the key held by her mother who has misplaced it in order to keep her daughter safe
To speak for the boy with a body branded in bruises from late drunken nights of a father
For a teenager that looks in the mirror and is disgusted with the vile image she sees
For an almost eighteen-year-old boy that can't go back home because his love is seen as sinful
Poetry is much more than letters conjoined to form syllables or paragraphs filled with sentences
It gives voices to the tears that spill from eyes of heartbreak and the stories of bloody scratches on wrists
It put words in mouths that have never been able to open and makes the paper an audience of vigilant listeners
Poetry is much more than an expression but it's an escape
An escape from the harsh reality we call life
It provides an outlet for emotions rather than a bloody fist or a sore throat
A throat that can no longer handle any more screams
Poetry helps me stay sane and allows others to know that they can too
So why do I write poetry?
To show that it's okay to stay strong
And to breathe and to fulfill its destinies
Without poetry I couldn't write or I couldn't speak
With poetry I no longer believe that I am small and that I have no say and that I am weak
Poetry is a part of me and lets me voice my insides and makes me believe
That the young girls and boys will be able to push through
And until then I am going to write my heart out for them and hopefully they can see
But I don't just write for them, I write for me


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