The Man Within Me

A Cadet in college takes another sip
along with his brothers so why would he quit?
Sitting on a bean bag having the time of his life
he'd drink away his problems and wouldn't think twice.

Times got hard after his DWI
but it wasn't enough to quit in time
before the night that all the fun would end
and a new chapter of his life would soon begin

Get behind the wheel, why the hell not?
You've only put down half a bottle scotch
You're not that drunk, hell you'll be fine.
Said the man in his in the back own drunk mind.

Speeding on the highway with one eye shut
Just so he could see the road without screwing up
Seventy miles behind him, drove them with ease
That when life just seemed to freeze.....

His brakes lock up from a check in front
flying into the side of a median wasn't the brunt
Skidding the shoulder of the right lane side
Just before he saw the new beginning of his life

Eighteen wheels of steel plows on by
the sounds of both vehicles amplify
as the semi flips and sparks fly
he ran to see if the man was alive

The ambulance and medics rush to the scene
as the officer said the man needed to be seen
a helicopter lands, one body in the air
but this was just the start of his nightmare

He wakes up on the couch the morning after
just to realize how he caused this disaster
depression, anxiety soon flood in
the way he was coping was spreading him thin

Don't worry son rehab is only miles away
you'll learn to be sober and maybe even to pray
to a God that you believe has struck you down
because you may have believed he wasn't around.

Pack up your stuff I know you're torn
you're headed to the place were phoenix's reborn
You're an addict you have to repent
and learn that you're going to die if you can't quit

It doesn't have to be forever, but you have to now
so buck up kid, and make a vow
that you'll try your best and learn what you can
that way when you get out, you'll have a plan

Seven days in, he met a King
King Anthony's his name, he's his upbringing
through the turmoil and shit he's been through
but brings him a light to see his way too

He teaches him to pray to a higher power
and He will be there for him in his final hour
Through the thick and the thin, He will always be there
when you need him most, talk to him through prayer

A cross around his neck and sixteen days gone
it's time for the new and hard life to dawn
college online, a bracelet on his ankle
a new job to pay for the pain he became entangled

Times get tough, but the tough get going
as long as you hold your head up, life continues flowing
The year I've been through hasn't ended yet
it's just the beginning of the new man I've met
Within me.

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