You dont understand what you doin to me

Should I spell it out for you to see

Death means absolutely nothin to me

Imma keep doin what I do, it sets me free    

From all the pain and humiliation in the past

Why you deny it man? You acting so crass

Remember the day you put your hand on my throat

And told me I was nothing but a joke

That I would never amount to anything

My summer fling, thought that was the girl of my dreams

Till she came over and saw what you did to me

She ended it cause she hated what she was seein

Bars so fresh they call me Mr. Clean

Tried to wake up but it aint a dream

Never a chance to go outside

Damn man it must be nice 

Hittin me with them left and rights

Leaving me bruised, beaten, battered and torn

Told you one day that I'll settle the score

You laughed and smiled and spit in my face

Now here I am an adult,

You've got me to the point of being sult

There came a day you hit me square in the jaw

The feels inside me came unbound

Then I picked you up and slammed you on the ground

You laid there shocked and stunned

Told me that I'd better run

I stood my ground and put up a fight

Till you called the cops and they locked me up for the night

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