No Different

Remember that time you tried to hurt me?

That day when you put your hands on me?

That day when you took away what was once so precious?

What possessed you to rip away the soul of a child?

That kid was so innocent.

You took away his ability to be loved.

You took away his desire to play.

Why should a child believe that it's okay,

To allow himself to be abused?

To only feel complete when he's being used?

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Did you think that trauma wouldn't leave scars?

No, you were proud of them motherfucker,

And if I'm ever given the chance,

I'll rip out your heart;

Devour it like you fed mine to the demon.

Little did you know I'd make friends with the devil.

Upon my soul he's been feeding,

But now I'm something you'd never imagined.

Accept it or not you've created a monster.

And despite the fact that I'm so damaged,

I'll move on to feed on another.

But I'll be thinking of you as I drain their blood,

Watching the innocence bleed out of their eyes,

No different than the way you did mine,

But I won't have to hurt anymore inside!


Jarred Shah



This poem is about: 
Our world


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