The Dear Young Boy

The night was dark 


 The shadows darker 


 As they danced on the walls 


 They sang of a story 


 Of a young boy 


 And writhed in the pain of it all 


 First they whispered 


 Of the young boy's mother 


 A mistress to any who pays 


 They tell of her hair, 


 Dark as the night 


 And of her face, 


 For it was quite the sight 


 As the room grows silent 


 They mutter of her doings 


 Her drinking and drugs 


 And the hitting of her son 


 Screaming and screehing 


 Throwing things against the wall 


 They mimick the woman in all her faults 


 Snapping a stick right in two 


 Showing, what the mother would do 


 The breaking of ribs and pulling of hair 


 The burning of flesh and shattering of glass 


 That house was a nightmere its self 


 And then they told of the men 


 The many men the mistress had 


 She brought them all to her house 


 Then when she was done, 


 And they had paid the bill 


 Just as a tip, leaving them alone 


 That woman would throw her son 


 Locking the door, she laughed at the screams 


 And ignored the calls from her boy 


 Smoking a ciargette, in the back of her yard 


 Putting it out, with the butt of her heel 


 She went to relese the child 


 If the lady wasn't satisfied 


 She'd throw the boy out 


 Leaving him, trapped in the yard 


 With the company of an empty dog house 


 Shivering in delight, the shadows took flight 


 They climbed upon the walls 


 Looking down, they merely said 


 The tale has just begun! 


 Scar after scar, the boy did endure 


 Then they spoke of his father 


 The young man who tried to take him back 


 He promised to love and to give life 


 If only, if only the shadows cackled 


 The boy would so somehting for him 


 The father mention how he seeked love 


 How he wished to have every part of him 


 Nodding the boy agreed to his wish 


 And the man, threw him to the bed 


 But only after thrice an hour had past 


 The mother waltzed in, with eyes of a hawk 


 And the lady kicked out the father 


 In punishment for his satanic deeds 


 With boiling water, supposedly holy 


 She poured upon the dear boy 


 The night withered to day 


 And the sun began to rise 


 The shadows darted around the room 


 Then they began to tell of his demise 


 Covered in bruises and gasping for breath 


 Losing all will, he left the living 


 To find peace within the dead 


 The boy was buried as the moon rose overhead 


 In the back of the house, where the mother did live 


 Still to this day, no one knew, of the dear young boy 


 Who was laid to rest, on that darkest of nights


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