On My Mind Off My Chest

Forethought to the Audience: I am so tired of students being so ignorant in class and not taking their learning seriously. I'm tired of teachers having no backbone, and allowing the students to dominate the class. And I've had it up to HERE with teachers' use of  profanity to make a point. This topic was on my mind, but by voicing this poem, I'm getting all of this frustration and aggravation off of my chest (hence the title). I hope you find this poem both enjoyable and relatable:

What's that noise?

There isn't a noise

Just silence

Silence because they are thinking

Thinking about the past, present, and future

A future that is lighter, brighter, and better

Better education, stronger teachers, braver leaders

Leading us into a new year

A year of self-expression and respect

Respect for you, me, he, she, they, we

We will learn

Learn to grow

Growing past expectations that are limitations

Limiting our imaginations of all the things we can become

Become wise, strong, and right; not wrong

Wrong is not trying

Trying to achieve what you believe

Believe past the sun, moon, and sky

The sky is blue

Blue is just a name, as is any other color

Color the world your own hues of something new

New, different, change, hope

Hope of a better system and education

Education is my growth

Growing to a world of forethought


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