Man in the sky

Fri, 07/04/2014 - 10:05 -- AAJones
I'm the man in the sky 
I watch you with my hazy eyes
Take my hand I'll set you free
Step into my reality
Here there ain't a ceilin' with walls
No top, no bottom or sides at all
You can go whereva' ya' please
As far as the eyes can see
Here there ain't no gravity
Float to where you wanna' be
Get ya' head lost in the clouds
Doubt you'll ever come back down
Here there's only fun and games
Made to dance wit' Mary Jane
If dancin' really ain't ya' thing
Then find some place else to hang
Here you won't dream of days that passed
But you'll wish you could've made them last
Don't bother thinking of your future
This isn't the place to find yo' answers
Here your time has no side
So sit back and enjoy the ride
No past, no future, only present
All you can do is live in the moment
Here you'll find your inner self
Flow away from everything else
Soon you'll lose the need to feel
Forget about all things real
Here you're able to unwind
Rest your simple, weary mind
Clouds and you will be as one
Flow and bake into the sun
Here you better watch your step
One false move and you'll lose your rep
Mary ain't one to forgive
This ain't woman you can outlive
Here you're gonna' wear my skin
Learn the ways in which I sin
If you choose to play my role
Have no doubts you'll lose a soul
Here you'll forget how to sweat
Won't know how to get it wet
Primitive hunger will fade away
Better find a new way to play
Here you're be drained of your blood
But you still won't get enough
Take  a step, turn around, and look
You'll soon realize that ya' hooked



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