Psychological abuse

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 11:21 -- chikere
Tick tock , tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
(starts poem) 
you psychologically abuse me, 
Mentally not physically, 
Have my heart racing continuously, 
You make me feel like I need therapy, 
You bring the unconscious conflicts to my consciousness becoming the psychoanalysis to my mental awareness, 
You are my biomedical disturbance giving me no insight on my personal understanding, 
You act like the ego verses my superego and neither of us can come to a mutualistic agreement like the “ID”, 
You free associate yourself with your first thoughts, yet you never interpret none of the above, 
You never focus on our currency yet our past like it’s the psychodynamic form to your 
fantastical life, 
You lack credibility, no validation to our dream analysis, 
We lack communication, nothing is verbally displayed yet you want physical connections and you can’t even connect with me on a mental level because your cognitive approach emphasize no personal growth in our relationship,  
Your irrational beliefs have no perceptions of our world,  
All these thoughts riot through my head yet you can never understand because you lack the mental capabilities to comprehend.
These little mind games play on as the time keeps ticking and life goes on ,
and due to the past still controlling your thought process superiority continues to allow you to have dictatorship  over me ,
you act like your not one shade lighter than me ,
yet because i lack the knowledge of my skin ,
I become numb to all your foolish hits mentally .
Laughable jokes , and fake hahas ,
smiles to the face when you have no intentions of allowing me to stand the same rank as you because I'm not the same color as you .
And no matter how much time goes by I will still be psychologically controlled by you ,
until I learn to unfold the blindfolds  mr.lynch put over my eyes just so you can have control over my mind . 
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