Hang in there


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Life is rough and we all have experienced the bumpy roads
keep your head up and hang in there
you see those bullies? that storm that just crushed your home? the adversities you face everyday?
dont let them get to you
yes, things get better after a while
but after a while everyone gets tired of waiting
you have to believe that you can do it, that you can overcome these "tricks" that are thrown at us
its hard listening to other people telling you its going to be better when the only thing you see in the future is failure
but trust me i'm 16 years old been through homes, been hungry, been thirsty, had everything shut off, no electric, no water, no gas, no heat, no nothing
but hey, things get hard sometimes, i can honestly say its better now because time goes on and so hard times dwindle
have you experienced any of the things i experienced?
if you have then it will get better because thats the worst and when youre at the worst, things can only get better
keep your head up
hold your head high
things will get better
your life will get easier
stress will dissolve but dont get me wrong a world without stress is not a world
everyone suffers from stress at one point
do you want to end yours?
think positive at all times
even if youre in the worst of times
think positive because trust me
im 16 and been through tough times
but it only gets better as time goes on i promise

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