Tell Me Why

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 01:55 -- Halah

Why did you stay so long

when we begged you to leave?


Do you wish you had listened

to us years ago when we told you

he scares us?


You stayed for your kids is what you

said in June, 

But I secretly wonder if you stayed

because you were scared too.


But it's over now, he's gone

and long since moved out.


Do you think he knows I still

have nightmares that I wake up

screaming from?


Tell me why


Why did he always target me?


Why did he not like me the same

as my siblings? Because I'm like

his sister? That's bullshit.


I was just his punching bag, taking

hits for my siblings so they could be



But it's over now. And at least writing poetry

is cheaper than therapy.

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