Molly's White Crown

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 02:53 -- rauchb2

They bring us so low
those seeds we have sown
Nothing left to show
Nothing can be grown

The itch is just out of reach
the pain that never really goes away
That craving we cannot help but seek
Lost are some, along the way

Strength is but a number
that we peel and paint upon our faces
It is ourselves that which we encumber
like ropes pretending to be laces

Eyelids droop as the singing takes effect
Without this golden glow
we would be left bereft
still, nothing left to show

Can we not turn our heads?
Can we not look the other way?
Stay asleep, hide in our beds,
until the dawn of a new day?

I need someone to help and hold me
He needs to take my hand
Save me, love me, Be with me.
He needs to help me understand

That these chains drag us so low
I am feeling heavy and weighed down
my movements are difficult and slow
as I wear molly's white crown


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