Bad Habits

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 12:50 -- mawee12

she worried about him

as his family drama drew his cigarette closer

as the smoke filled his lungs, time kept getting slower.

as the aroma of nicotine filled the air, she could feel and smell his hurt and despair.

as he stayed up all night getting high, She stayed up all night and started to cry

thinking about him and about this war he could never win.

He always felt as if he was alone, but she was there, and to him that was unknown.

As he pretended everything was perfectly okay, she could see in his eyes, his days

are dark and grey.

She hated seeing him like this, for she loved him so.

but how much she loved him, he'd never know.

She tried to help him, saying she was there

but he turned away from her making her think he didn't care

but he did a lot,

and after they'd fought,  she turned around and left

and suddenly he felt a deep pain in his chest.

He knew instantly what it was, he needed her more than she knew becuase

she was everything and everything more. He couldn't believe he made her this sore.

He chased after her depite all the rain, but it was worth it to him 'cause he had to explain.

"Baby you mean so much to me you don't even know. I regretted even the thought of letting you go.

I know I hurt you and I hate myself for it, but baby I admit imma mess I've been hit,

I've been punched, I've been kicked, but nothing hurts more than starting this conflict.

I'm sorry, I know you hate my bad habits like how I smoke, how I drink, And how I  break things when I'm mad

How I lose my temper when we get in a fight, and honestly girl you have always been right.

I have all these bad habits I'll admit it's true, but my number one bad habit is ever hurting you"

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