I'm doing this because I love you

I'm doing this because I love you,

Don't you get it?

What happens when I'm gone,

And you have no one to look up to.


Huh? Huh?

What happens when you're back talking,

The wrong individual,

And no one is there to beat it into you?


What happens when you have a husband,

Who's not as forgiving as me,

And cheats and leaves you for a,

Bleach blonde tramp that's more obedient than you.


And don't start your talking,

About you finding me with her,

Because you are a woman,


A negro one at that,

Beneath me. You are nothing.

You don’t deserve to speak.

You don’t deserve to fight back!


So I bang bang bang! My fists against your skin,

And you scream scream SCREAM

For me to stop.


But I send these vibration through your,

Chestnut colored, black and blue skin.


To make you yell out in agony,

To hush in reflection,

Because I love you.


Don't you walk away from me,

Don't you dare walk away from me,




I thought so.

You won't go anywhere.

There's no stopping me,

I'm an eternal flame,


I'll protect you from this world,

From the oppressing people,

The mean people,

The obscene people,


The unstable people,

The people like me

The people that look like me

The people who--


And no I don't sound crazy.

It's true it's real!

I love you.

isn't this proof?


my protection over you should be enough!

This happens! It happens to women like you!

Over and over!

I just want to you be safe, I swear!


Don’t scream!

You will shut up,

You will shut up,

You will be silenced!


And until then,

I will not be at peace,

And I will continue,

To love you,


Until I learn not to beat.


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My community
Our world
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