Monster You Are

Dedicated to E.J.S.

Blood boils beneath the skin.
A hatred for you deep within.
Your "BIGGEST MISTAKE", at least I am something.

You put me down.
You have emotionally beaten and berated me.
Yet for some reason I have stuck around.

No more will I let you.
I don't deserve to be treated like this.

I am something.
You are nothing.

I can go on without you.
I can leave you behind.
When I do though, is when you will find
That it was not I who needed you, but you who needed me
To beat down and abuse, almost constantly.

I will pick myself up, and brush of the dirt.
I will clean myself up and put away that skirt.
I'll trade it in for my pen and paper.

With that pen and paper I will show them the broken girl you made me.
I will show them behind our smiles.
I will show the monster you are.


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