The feel of the keyboard Is like the piano keys

How I make music with words

That no one wants to hear

They continue to disappear

 Like Forbidden Fruit

 Can anyone dare to ever take a bite

 A bite into my life

 Of the chaos

Of the insanity

Of things that realm into the unknown

 How can one be so special

 And have nothing in common

With anyone else?

There are the specific crystals

That cut down the walls

Of my magnitude

 That can reach into the womb

of my soul

 And pull out

The rape

The abuse

The neglect

The drugs

The pain

The cuts

The cries

The suicides


all ounces of blood

Spilled on the floor,

on the carpet,

on the concrete

 They are the ones I can only care about

And who only care about me

I can't feel myself drowning

 When I am near them

 I only have several- The world is full of hyenas

And I have only a few lions the protectors

 Taking on the task

of licking up the blood

of the hyenas who dare to hurt me


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