Never be you


I am the spiritual leader of this home, he says

You belong to me, he says

I belong to no one, i scream

In my head....

You remind me of myself, he says

We are the same, he says

I will never be you I scream  

i would rather be dead,

I cried inside, but never said...

You need Jesus, he cries

He saved me you know- he lies

You should've been sterilized, says

 my mind...

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, He screams

You need a strong man to lead you,

and right now that is me,

You're the most unstable hypocrite that i have met,

i sing.... but carry no sound or melody...

You judgmental witch, He smears

He spits in my face

Why can't you just accept me for who i am?

A complete psychopath, i tried..

but just curse myself as I let the words die

Damn you, damn you, he says

I gave you everything, he growls

what, like the hand prints on my arms?

I didn't howl...

I'm sick, he says

I'm going to die, he sighs

I smile inside,

Now it's just a matter of time....

Take care of your brothers and sisters,

he whispers in his bed

but before he goes to take his last breath...

Hey dad before you die I-

He looks at me with a flash of confusion in his eyes,

Yes my girl, he says

Yes my princess, he whispers

I freeze, choking on my disdain...

Come on say it, say everything.

I try and try and try...

but all that comes out is,

nothing never mind.













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