Imagine a world of no conflict
No anger, no murder, no war


A world of respect


Where the color of your skin doesn’t matter
Where which side of the tracks you grew upon makes no change


Where men love their wives
and wives love their husbands
No hidden bruises
No tearful nights


Where a father loves his son
and a daughter loves her mom
the rebellion that divides them disappears
The parent honors the child’s choice
and the child holds his parents in esteem
A relationship based on shared respect


Where a person’s worth is recognized
The boy with an extra chromosome isn’t teased
and the girl who rides on wheels instead of walking is included
Because a person’s deficiencies doesn’t make them useless
And because they’re different doesn’t mean they’re disregarded
They are willingly assisted and readily appreciated


Where contrasting beliefs do not lead to a conflict
People follow a pope or a prophet with no persecution
No religious hatred or decade-long wars
because disagreement doesn’t always have to lead to disruption
Two groups live in peace
Two neighbors show love
Their respect for each other saves lives to the millions


Where a guy doesn’t see a girl as an object
She’s a person
a mind to be admired
a body to be respected
Where the statistic goes from “one in four” to zero


Where soldiers and policemen go unemployed
as the hatred that leads to murder disappears
tThe jealously that fules thievery becomes obsolete
and the greed and anger that creates war is crushed
No reason for peacekeepers as peace already exists


Where the strong never pray on the weak
Where a person’s needs are recognized and respected
Where the preps can see eye-to-eye with the goths
and the nerds don’t cower in fear of the jocks
Where the golden rule becomes the norm


Because there is respect
People honor each other
They seek out the best
and ignore negativity
They hold each other high
They communicate and thrive


A world of respect
but not just for others


Where a girl doesn’t starve to get down to size zero
and a boy doesn’t cut his own wrist to feel equal
No suicide notes and no tears in the mirror


Where you honor yourself
and you realize your strength
You embrace every cuve
and you flaunt every flaw
There’s no reason to hide
There’s no reason to cry


Where you know that they’re worth it
Where they know that you’re worth it


A world of no conflict
No anger, no murder


A world of respect.


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