How To Love - You

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 22:42 -- adeity

I love you but you don’t know


How I gaze at you through your bedroom windows

How I marvel at your beauty as you study in the library

How I wonder at your intelligence as you take notes in class

How I admire your smile as you take the next customer’s coffee order


I love you but you don’t know


How I’ve memorized your class schedule

How I’ve your phone number engraved in my soul

How I love the sound of your name tumbling out of my lips, like a prayer

How I write thousands of love letters for you, yet throw them all away


I love you but you don’t know


How I’ve taken thousands of photos of you

How I’ve meticulously planned out our life together

How I watch you when you’re asleep through that camera on your nightstand

How I have your license plate number, the make and model of your car memorized


I love you but you don’t know

How I follow you on all of your social media accounts

How I know all of your friends, family members, and relatives

How I know all of your passwords

How I can watch everything you do online and in-person


It’s not creepy

It’s not weird

I know you know this is true love

I do this because I love you  


It’s because I love you

That I do all this

I know you will understand

I know you won’t run away


I love you

You have to understand  

This is for us

Because I love you


Nobody else but you

Only you

Just you



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