Stages of a Corrupted Soul


You start from who you are;

Sweet, innocent, and caring. people ask and you say you're ok but no one knows how you're truly faring.

Slowly losing yourself, and with all this pain and sorrow built up you start to second guess yourself.

Now there's a sudden change in your sanity;

You act grown due to the pain in your life you've grown too quick, as your happy days become numbered tick tick.

You've now stopped in the middle between reality and fantasy;

Finding fake happiness with a man you call your own, he fills you with false hope so he's now the place you call home, however inside you're really all alone on that sad throne.

It's hard to say you love him when your love is returning to the scene of the crime he fled from, you try to rat him out and get him help he holds you for ransom.

So you don't tell as you lose your mind even more, you can't feel real emotion your heart is too torn.

The hollow shell of whats left of that miserable life unfortunately won't be ended by your slit of a knife or his bare strike.

Look in the mirror child what do you see? Did you get to be what you wanted to be? what happened to those self respecting dreams?

Are you human anymore, do you even feel anymore?

Well truth be told, these are the stages of a corrupted soul.

Just so you know.


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