Hate Loving You


You stand there, not even acknowledging my very being. Looking at you, my vision goes red with hate and lust. Like the wind in the night, you snuck up behind me and swept me off my feet. You are a vile, nauseating, manipulative, disturbing, vindictive human who doesn’t care about anyone except yourself and your own disgusting wants and needs. You broke my soul. Yet somehow you remain my jacket from the storm. I wish you would give up or grow up. You are a lion, and I am your gazelle. You tie me up with emotion and gag me with the tears that keep trickling down my torn up face. On your hands drips the blood from my chest, where you ripped out my beating heart, and devoured it whole. The smell of iron fills the air as everything goes black. Your heart must be as empty as your soul. I hate you.



Your diction illustrates your sorrow. Beautiful! Hope you are okay, also. :)

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