it's my fault


It was a sunny friday, i was already late to work and i had nothing to wear but this this pink  top and it had a little tear, it was not to big so i cut of the sides, if only i knew what this would bring i would have stayed inside...

As i walk out of my apartment , i was forced to walk down the infaous road known for harassment all i ever wanted to do was just get to work on time but these vicuois construction workers say i first must pay the fine, they all aprroach me waiting for their chance, " excuse me pretty lady?" " hold on sexy" while one tries to grab my ass, i keep telling my self its almost over and i'm close to the bus stop, i wasn't heart broken until out the corner of my eye i saw a local cop, with a look of content in my eyes i yelled" excuse me officer i need a little help" i told him about all the horrible  things and he said " 'i'm sorry m'am but your brought this on yourself". at the very sound of that i was lost for words and didnt know what he meant,  then he droped his watch and asked for me to pick it so he can watch as i bent, as i began to walk on and play the scene in my mind it hit me like a vision , women get harrased and abused mainly because of supervision, so then i asked my self what if the was more cops would they maybe stop the harrassment forever, well they might not but atleast the public awareness to this injustice is for the better


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