I once knew a girl,

Enveloped in her own darkness.

Her eyes never reflected her smiles,

She surrounded herself in life's stress.


She lived in her past,

Reliving nothing but nightmares.

Her soul bore the scars,

Of each and every one of her fears.


A past that she tried,

So desperately to forget.

But she was fighting against herself,

Thus constantly suffering from regret.


Her sorrows introduced her to Pain,

Who became her only friend.

Because Pain never left her,

She could count on it being there till the end.


Everyone else she opened up to,

Did not take the time to know her.

And so they came and went so quickly,

That in her memory they're but a blur.


Soon she foound comfort,

As she laid in the death of the night.

For as she stared at the constellations,

All her troubles seemed to have taken flight.


But like the tides at the beach which she watched,

Her sorrows only went for a while.

For soon they came crashing back into her,

Hence she barely got a chance to truely smile.


This girl was afraid of her reflection,

For her eyes gave away her hurting.

Her cheeks had no laugh lines,

Her lips knew nothing but frowning.


She thought her sorrows were permanent,

And her happiness would always be zero.

But with whatever little faith she had,

She prayed she'd one day find a hero.


On the day she found her savior,

She learnt Angels walked among us.

And though life threw us curve balls,

Never bury your hope in the dust.


So along came her Knight,

Who has changed the story's ending.

From one filled with depression,

To bright horizons so compelling.


Now I watch the two as they lay,

In the cool of a magical night.

Happiness haunts their meetings,

Their union blessed by sprite.


The beach is brought to life,

With the sounds of their love making.

Their voices echo out over sea,

They give each other a heart worth keeping.


And as the waves get rough,

Their bodies rhythms matches the tune.

The passing wind fails to cool their flames,

Which threatens all around to consume.


The only thing that hinders,

Is Time which forces them to part.

And with each kiss of 'good-bye'

New passions...They have start.


And as they leave they hold each other's hands,

A new chapter now unfolds.

Each day that they get closer,

Immortality frames their entwined souls.





This is so extremely beautiful and the story in it is so touching. Great job!


Thank you soo much Teressa :)

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