Insanity is the first time you saw him

it's the smell of burnt chicken, he tryied to make on the first date

it's the sound of the phone ringing 

and the feeling you get when you see his number on your screen

Insanity is the taste of his lips as the pioson sets in 


Insanity is the sight of the mirror looking back at you with hateful eyes 

It's the colors black, purple, and blue; like the bruise under your right eye

It's the smell of alcohol on his breath, that fills the house when he comes home 

It's the stinging pain on your cheek

and it's the sound of his drunken apology 

Insanity is the taste of tears that stain your face, and fill your mouth 


Insanity is the color white 

The color of the strait jacket that now contains you

It's white like the cushioned walls that are there to "Protect" you

Insanity is the memory of his coming home that night 

Insanity is the sound of his thunderous voice, stabbing you with vile words

Insanity is the thought of you taking the knife to his chest and returning the favor

It's the smell of his blood that covers your hands and puddles on the floor 

It's the taste of sweet, sweet revenge 


Your sanity is the white light that swings above your head 

It flickers, it bursts, it dies


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