Celebrate Recovery

Your hands are raised. They're raised in praise.

To Jesus Christ.  He took your vice.

He paid the price.  You rolled the dice.

He gave his blood.  You crashed in mud.

His arms extended.  Mistakes amended.

Your old has gone.  Your new has come.

And he's still numb.  Still reeks of rum.

Your family grins.  Love wins.  Time begins again.

You hold that child; so tender and mild

Our yet unborn he'd only scorn

You laugh, you smile, you share a story

His only joy will be in Glory

If Glory waits.  Don't know his fate.

No three fold cord.  The beer his Lord.

He had his chance.  Threw it away.

Your family has you home to stay.

You've got your chip.  It's been a year.

While some of us still live in fear.

Phone rings.  Alarm sings.  Broken wings.

Crimson fabric.  Blood shot eyes.

The pain still felt from all the lies.

Flashbacks. Panic. Love destroyed.

Scars leaving a painful void.

And yet I sit and watch you now

You've changed your ways.  You've kept your vow.

The ones whose hearts you've hurt the worst

Their love was enough to quench your thirst

These tears I thought had all run dry

They were worth it.  Why wasn't I?



This poem is about: 
My family


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