To You, Babe


United States
33° 56' 4.8336" N, 84° 35' 44.0628" W

The darkness encircled me. The pain, overwhelming.
The way that we used to be, Babe, its disbanding.
The flowers and cards. Love notes and smiles.
Babe, everything's hard. Now, it's defiled.
The movies and dates. The parties. The love.
I thought we were soul mates. We fit like a glove.
I gave you my heart and my innocent soul.
Babe, you are a dart. You made me a hole.
You were my first. You were my all.
You made my heart hurt. Babe, you knew I would fall.
You got what you wanted. That's all you were after.
By you, I am haunted. I can still hear your laughter.
That beautiful laugh, Babe. The wonderful words.
You ripped me in half. Laid my heart on the floor boards.
I try to see past the memories of you.
You wont be the last to do what you do.
Babe, I am strong and I have moved on.
To me you were wrong. Babe, I shine like the sun.
I have a new guy who treats me right;
faithful and shy, Babe. He loves me in spite
of the cracks in my heart you created with games.
He heals the scars and, Babe, he puts you to shame.
I love this new guy as much as I did you.
I love that he's kind. He's better than you too.
You'll always have a part of me deep in your mind,
but you know you'll never see the scars that I hide.
I still wonder how you could have done me that way,
but I've forgiven you, Babe, for the mistakes you made.
I used what we shared to teach me a lot.
Don't let him know you care if you're not what he wants.
Not all men are mean. I have living proof.
He protects me from pain and he's my little goof.
He's not the first, but he is the last
to make my heart burst, Babe, and beat really fast.


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