Yet You Cheated



In the late I've thought, "my life is going well,"

As to where I'll go to college, it is too soon to tell,

And as for the future, I don't know what I'll do,

But in my dreams I've always known my future'd be with you,

In addition, I also know what you did last week,

And on this subject you can bet I have many things to speak,

You have expressed the guilt and sorrow that has been eating at your heart,

Thank goodness you feel bad- at least that's a start,

But your emotions cannot be worse,

More sad or upset than mine,

For it was not you who was cheated on,

The fool whose blind trust was a lie,

You have mudded your own name in my mind,

Proving love at first sight must be blind,

Always proclaimed yourself a most loyal man,

The best boyfriend on the planet,

I had unshaken confidence in you Josh,

Until I walked away empty handed,

Forgiving you is bad enough,

But it's even harder to forget,

Apparently it's the American way,

Or so the history teacher says,

In conclusion I know not where,

This new turn shall take us,

All I know is in the past,

We've had things which shake us,

The only question is what can we stand?

How far can we go?

I'm not one to constantly test limits,

But you've already rocked the boat,

Whether the water be hot or cold,

My dignity is mine,

And if you don't respect,

Then what the heck?

Please don't waste my time,

There is no test of worthiness,

Only the standards that we set,

And as for you, you've broken a rule,

Those expectations have not been met,

I realize we need to have conversation,

Yet I don't know when,

So call me back or stop and chat,

With me, my forever friend.


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