Simply Divine and Not a Crime

You are simply divine!
Just look at how your hair, in the sun, shines!
That makeup has not even a single stray line!
I bet you're compatible with everyone's sign!

But what you did yesterday, did you know that was a crime?
Did you know most people serve a lifetime?
You said it was an accident, but you did it times nine?
After all that, are you really just fine?

Well, nevermind that!
Let's talk about that hat!
And, oh he's so cute! Is that your new cat?!
This cute little feline! May I give him a pat?!

But...what's this in his fur?
He's all matted and covered in burrs.
He limps, was it his ligament he tore?
You'd think he was hit the way he's so sore.

Well, I'm sure the other animals are just too rough!
Oh no thanks, the snacks you've offered me are more than enough!
I wish I could do what you do, you're so tough!
I bet you've never even been near a cuff!

Oh no, I swear I didn't mean it to sound like it did.
You'd never go to jail, I know you have 2 kids.
Speaking of which, what's wrong with Tommy's eyelid?
Oh, you say it's the kids he runs amid.

Well...I must say your household is simply divine!
Don't ever be afraid to drop me a line!
And don't worry I'm sure everything will be fine!
The police say your husband is missing, but I'm sure he's just taking his time!

*I walk to my car and grab my cell phone. Should I call the police or just leave it alone? It's none of my business, I'm sure it's okay. Whatever it is won't last for more than a day.*

But as she drove away, sad music began to play. A moan echoed so much you'd think it'd have several clones. In the house she left out of sight. Things were brewing that later gave investigators quite a fright. If you ignore a problem then things won't be alright. You can't guarantee things will survive the night.

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