For a Coin


Life; funny as it may be; daring as it should

Could not compare to this, or so it would

All problems faced to the majority as a whole

Could not compare to any young lost soul

They lurk, feeling lost and sorry for the little things

Unfortunately, unable to afford the littlest of rings

Gold, they had wished to buy one day

But instead they stare though the window and sway

They work and work, hoping for the day’s pay

Instead, all but a mere coin is taken away

From that young boy on the corner who had said

That he wanted the coin to buy a small loaf of bread

All of the hard day’s work, taken away

Someone who could work, coin given to pay

Pay for what? Pay for needs

Needs that have grown like weeds

The recipient could pay for themselves and all

But refuse, not even for the small

The ones willing make the coin

Only for it to be taken, loin by loin

Distributed out, like some other well-known way

Not America, but another, not to say

For that small boy will not have ever said

That he got to pay for that loaf of bread




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