Flaws and All


Flaws and all She was born like this not very tall with curves he likes to kiss the chubby cheeks on her face a smile that lights up the place in her heart is very pure and soft voice that's hard to hear if you're not listening to the words she speaks as she tweaks the flaws and all the one you call on for advice she's been helping people all her life until she met the sharpness of a knife that cuts the strings and brings something to the table to focus on herself she's able to find faith hope and freedom a new found love that makes her come to her senses she builds fences she calls her boundaries flaws and all She's found her dreams to be coming true to herself and not trying to please everyone else is in their own world full of good and evil bipolar will not win as she feeds the good with in flaws and all she's got it all for the next generation to walk a new hall as she creates a new way of thinking all this faith hope and freedom she's speaking flaws and all she's got it all

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