I will listen

There might be thoughts inside your head you can't get out

You might not know what is wrong

why are you so sad

I will listen

you might have had people in your past

that heard your heart and used it against you

they told you it was wrong

or to sing another song

you let them in

and trusted

then they didn't want to stick around

They didn't care anymore

and you were left feeling empty and unworthy

I will listen

You might be scared

because life keeps letting you down

you don't see a way out

you have pages and pages of hurt and sadness

and so you crawl back inside because you feel safe there

i will listen

you might be hurt

and in the dark parts of your mind want to hurt yourself

you are scared of being strong for so long and nothing changing

I will listen

you might be wounded

from their expectations

and constantly never living up

you feel trapped in a cage and can't seem to unlock the door

i will listen

Feeling is not wrong

Hurting is not wrong

Anger is not wrong

Sadness is not wrong.

Let's talk through this.

I want to help

I will listen

I will listen just like someone listened to me.


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