Because I love you

I heard it every day

After each beating

After each round of screaming


I cowered

Because he loved me

He loved me so much it was an honor to be his

To be worth his time

Nobody else would love me, right?



He had never heard of it

Beating me

Berating me

Forcing obedience to his fantasies

Because he loved me



It was my fault, I should have said something

I should have told him he was abusing me

But rather I begged him to stay

To be with me, when nobody else would

Because I didn’t deserve anything

But an I love you


Actions speak louder than words

That’s why he threatened a gun to my head

That’s why I left after so long

That’s why I carry a piece of paper everywhere I go

200 feet away from me please

But it’s because I love you darling

That I must stay way

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