Loving Insanity


Fingers dance across my throat 
No marks are left this time 
But even still I feel you as though trying to merge our skin 
I can't speak can't see can't breathe 
Can't be here now I need to move to leave 
To disappear until you remember that you love me 
But I am as still as the eyes staring down at me 
Am as brittle as this hair I won't brush for fear of your jealousy at me looking as beautiful as 
unbreakable as the first time we met 
I loathe you refuse to put a ring on my finger so you shoved it down my throat 
I haven't smiled since 
Feel lifeless 
More alone than I've ever been 
And yet you with angry face and dead eyes your are still just as beautiful you are the temptress 
in this relationship and I'm thoroughly ensnared 
You don't apologize anymore 
No need since I'm the one who covers your apologies
Make them resemble human again 
Make them all fade back to me 
Don't you see? 
The likelihood of this relationship ever ending is zero I can't let you go 
Who else will love me into total submission 
Who else will hold me so tightly breath becomes you 
You are my Adonis my god 
Cold, aloof, hard as marble I need to know that you aren't a figment of my imagination 
That our wavelengths flow on the same path, that this will last you're so obsessed with hating 
me that leaving is the last thing on your mind 
You're unable to survive without me 
So tomorrow night I'll shower and come to you in all my glory 
I will wrap my vines around you 
I will coil myself up and insert you firmly without mercy without hesitation 
Yes my lover my hater my green eyed monster my big baby 
You are just as crazy as I am now 
So don't fret my dear 
Don't hesitate to grab me to you 
Force me to say I love you 
Make sure my inside can only ever want you 
I promise I'll enjoy your ride of pleasure 
As long as you enjoy mine into hell. 


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