A New Beginning

she would leave days at a time

and leave me alone to care for them

a mother i wasnt

but it was a mother they needed


away she went to her world of drugs

and away i would go to my world of love

to hold and cuddle to feed and bathe

my little siblings, everyday


now you may not know she was a horrible monster

who came home with anger unleashed

and it wasnt me who she hit

but instead the youngest three


cried and cried i did

i tried my best but i ran and hid

i could not do this

it is to hard for a kid


so with one mighty phone call they took all us kids away

to new parents to live with everyday

i am now happy and so are they

and happy we will stay.


the kids have a new lease on life

a bright future they will have

all because the bravery

of the big sister they have.


now i can not rhyme

this is very true

but i want my story out there

and would like help with paying for college too.


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