Fri, 05/17/2013 - 02:03 -- MelGarr

For some reason they like to hold us back.
Even though they seem to have the control, we are probably our strongest.
I've never felt so strong, beaten down to one finger on a rope.
I've probably never had so much hope...

It kills to be on the outside.
I'm here and in this, but I'm completely alone.
My words are an unscrambled message, while his is poison drenched in ink.
And you continue to ignore me, while I choose to think.

I just want happiness and room to breath.
For some reason he wants to bury me.
Because all he knows is how to dig, I know how to fill the holes just like this.
And while my heart is a fire, he needs coals to warm his.

Don't be blinded to how innocent a pig is,
Because a pig is still just as a pig is.

So here you are still inside this pain.
I try to show you but you just restrain.
You want this perfect frame to capture a picture,
Yet you'd rather make it appear than be the photographer.
But why take a photo when you can paint?

For some reason they like to hold us back.
But as these chains are just merely made, chains can be just as easily broken.
Though it may seem we are at our weakest this time, it's only us who ceases.
Someday I hope you understand,
If you want something in your life it's only you that can.

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