I'm holding onto the last few grains of sand that fell from your mouth when you told me that, I was your everything.

Your lies overflowed onto my shorelines,
Creating the perfect illusion of an impossible paradise where I was your queen and you my king and it wouldn’t have mattered if the sun never rose in the morning because our love could have lasted an eternity.

But instead of love and security, you insisted on pouring salt into every wound so I could never forget the things you made me believe I had wrong.

But baby there's only so much harm you can do to someone before they becomes immune, and tired of fighting a one sided battle.
Tired of trying to love someone who does nothing but tell you every way you're failing to love them but disregards the times you have ran hundreds of miles for them on fiery coals.
I have decided that this poem does not need an ending. Because ‘we’ are no longer, But in my heart you will always have a special place that will forever be an empty hole the same as when ‘we’ were.


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