You bit me when I was tender
because you knew i was easy prey.
Knowing i would fall weak at the knees on the cogency of your words
Knowing I was soft as the petals scattered on the bathroom floor.

You'd chew me like I was meat
but I knew i was bone.
See those days I wore my red hood and I cowered in the corner
meek and mourning the former girl I used to be.

To savor and enjoy me all it'd take was just one bite. 
To think i reveled in your hands 
causes me to shudder in disgust,
causes chills to race down my spine,
peeling off the skin you once touched at the thought of it
not realizing what I had gotten myself into.

Bit and bit until I was whittled down to the core.
Until I was a fraction of the person I used to be before.
I couldn't foresee the path we had led each other down to
I didn't see the red flags, the red faces, ignored premonitions of places we'd go..
who you were to become.

I was blinded.

I was blinded by love,
blinded by my own heart,
blinded and my conscious could not tell right from wrong apart.

He consumed me until I was fire.
Until I became a burning flame 

The drop to overflow the glass
The draft that forms the hurricane 
I am not a natural disaster
I am the seed that survived.
Grew to be your demise
in a set of dark brown eyes.

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My community
Our world
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