A Day

I care so much it hurts..
Deep inside my heart,
And now my eyes are open
Because we are apart,

This world is fading.
It is turning dark.
My bright world of smiles,
Has begun to fall apart.

The sidewalks are gray,
The sky a dark blue.
The trees are losing leaves..
Just like I lost you.

The clouds are moving in
The love begins to fade
And a new start must begin
Here comes another day

A day when I wont love you
A day when I wont care
A day when this huge burden
Will not be mine to bear
A day when I wont see you
For I’ll just blankly stare.
A day I’ll live without you
For you were never there.

A day when I will forget
Every single time I cried.
Won’t remember the regrets
And all the sleepless nights.
A day when I wont only see
And remember all the times.
A day without you and me…

I’ll live a day of lies.


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