Love is not living lies, or screaming in faces.

Love is telling the truth, and talking through phases.

Love is not hitting, or holding back eachother

Love is holding and cuddling, or if needed letting go.

Love is not disrespect

Love is not war

Some hold scars from "Love",

Some are afraid to fall in Love.

Guilty of both, I will not bend.

To Sickening "Love" that many others understand.

The Sickening Love that hurts the Mind, Body, and Soul.

I'm telling you this because I Love too.

Understand real Love is not sickening if one knows where to look.

Love is Kindness

Love is Compassion

Love is Honesty

Love is Pure

I  follow you because I Love you.

I follow you because I care.

Because I Love you, pain will vanish.

Because I Love you, no lies will come your way.

Because I Love you, I will stay at your side.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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