From: Him, To: Me


United States
32° 39' 41.3676" N, 97° 8' 48.1452" W

My child, look at me.

You are so beautiful and precious to me.

I love you more than the sun and the moon

and the twinkling stars in the heavens. 

What happened to you- it's done,

and I won't ever let it happen to you again.

My darling, you are strong

and wise beyond your youthful years.

Don't ever feel stupid,

because what happened to you

breaks my heart even more than yours.

I will never leave you, my lamb,

like a faithful shepherd over his flock.

Do not be ashamed of who you are

and what has befallen you.

Even the sun rises when it falls,

so I will lift you up, daughter,

to conquer the evil of this world.


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