Broken Sky


United States
28° 52' 55.8948" N, 81° 19' 4.5696" W

I tried loving you, you tried feeling me
I tried reaching out, you tried pulling in
I tried to make it work; you had to break it first
I tried to be free, you tried to chain me
I tried to fly, you took my sky
I tried not to fall, you dropped it all

I try loving you, I try feeling you
Like you want me to, but I am not you
I don’t pull in, I make it work
I am free
Your chains can’t hold me
You try to break my sky
To clip my will but I will fly
I will fly from your hands to my own feet
I tried loving you, I have to love me
I have to be free


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

never be imprison of happiness and freedom

you are your own person

love yourself

never compromise those values for anybody

you deserve more

great job

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