Was it All Worth it?

What do you want from me?

A totured body?

A broken soul?


What do you expect to happen?

As you kick me down

As you rip me apart


Tell Me!!!


What do you want to happen?

As I close my eyes

And take my last breath


I said I would stay

Till I took my last moment

But now I'm leaving

A victim no more


I lived with your love

The love you showed with your fist

I died because of that love

Your love was only ever Hate


Now someone else will take my place

Will live with your kind of love

Now someone else will receice your lies

Will know of your treachery


What did I expect?

That you'd change?

That you'd learn to love?


What did I ever see in you?

That I ignored my needs

As I made excuses for you


Why Me!?!?!?


Why did you choose me?

When there were others more accessible?

When I did nothing wrong?


How could you do it?

When I begged for you to stop?

When it became so unbearable

That I passed out?


Why did I let it happen?

When I knew I deserved better?

When I knew nothing would change?


This unending cycle

Was all you ever knew

Is all you'll ever have


'Cause no one wants an abuser

No one likes a murderer

No one loves a cheat


You may have my life

But you'll never take another

So as I leave this world

I just have one question...


Was it all worth it?


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