Progressive Vision

Deceivers, yes they do deceive.

Believers, o how they believe.

Take heed to the warning,

Let me be, I must proceed.


Blindly walking in misconception,

Twenty Sixteen was a year of deception.


Wolf in sheep clothing, how could I not see!

Because I was blind,

Apparently you must see to believe.

Wolf in sheep clothing, that you were!

Didn’t they tell you,

Wolves only came to hurt.


Progression in my vision, status, blur.

Thankfully, I am not dead,

My blindness only had me hurt.

I warn you, please learn from my pain.

Be leery of the one whose identity is made plain.

I must repeat, no time to refrain.


Amazing grace, o so good to me.

I was blind, but now I can really see

Twenty Seventeen looks so clear,

I am free to be me.


Twenty Seventeen, I will be filtering out pollution.

Twenty Seventeen is my year of smashing optical illusions.



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