I Know

I know what an abusive relationship is,

Its not always physical, 

Though sometimes it is, 

I saw it in the eyes of my friend who was raped by her boyfriend,

I see it in my aunt whose ex-husband had controlled her for so long,

I see it in my friend, whose girlfriend won't allow him to talk to other girls,

But its not only between couples, 

no not at all

My cousin was raped by someone she trusted,

and now she acts out

My friends father beat him up in front of his work

Another friend's father tried to kill her,

I've seen it on the news,

children abused by family members

people killed by someone they loved

Chris Brown beating Rihanna

and so much more.

And yet I know what a healthy relationship looks like,

I've seen it in my parents,

They fight a lot, but always make up

They never go to bed angry

And they always show their love

They never say those three words

They don't have to

They show it in the little thing

Like when my father changes my mother's oil,

or how he buys her favorite candy bars, just because

Like when my mother does his laundry or massages his neck

I see it everyday,

No they aren't perfect, 

But they love each other no matter what

They have never laid a hand on each other

They have never put each other down

They show it in the little things

Everyday they show each other that they care


This poem is about: 
My family


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