Him and You

It was when you told me you loved me

that I really began to faulter

the words that came to my ears

from the mouth of my love

but instead


made my ears sting

when you spit those lovely words at me


If you had really loved me

you would have kept quiet

you would have stayed away from me

but instead


You forced yourself on me

you drove a knife through my life

which tore through him too


If you had really loved me 

you would have let me go when I said no 

you would have seen the strength in my love for him

but instead


you clung on with nails deep in my eyes

blinding me with thoughts of misdirection

you pushed me to pick you 


but instead

I picked you right out of my life

because I deserve to be loved 

beyond what you were ever capable of


To love is an action, not a feeling

and he loved me more than you ever could

he saw my flaws as beautiful details

and loved each one as much as the next

and also


he showed me what true love felt like

he knew taking care of him

took care of me too 

and we live there, in that love together

and also


I wonder now

how it felt knowing 

that you were never an option anyway

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