It's all I long to hear on nights like this
Sings a song so much sweeter
Than muffled numbness
Than the hushed noise of blood dripping to the floor
Than the smack of your fists hitting my face
Than the sobs from all my pain
When you loved me you left a bad taste in my skin
Bruises on my chin
Bitter kiss. Bloody lips.
So I don't really speak anymore
And yet my silence speaks volumes
Your violence speaks volumes
These scars speak volumes!
Isn't it enough
When will my cries be enough
When will this torture stop
Don't you like my canvas?
Isn't it pretty?
The way you paint it with your heavy paint brush
Dabbing on the blue, glazing me with black and splattering me with red
But I can carve such a pestilent picture
Let me draw the lines for you this time
I can create more pain than you ever could
And I did
Love doesn't dwell here
It never really has
Especially once you walked in
This is my body
And my heart
And I'm sick of being chained
I'm sick of cutting myself numb
I'm sick of the chill that runs up my spine everytime I feel your superficial vile touch
You may think you love me
But you only take, you cannot give love
I will love me enough for the both of us
And yes
That is enough


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