The Social Evolution of Education


Could you imagine one day waking up and falling

Down Down Down 

For no reason at all? Waking up and feeling as though the world has turned against you, The wind does not even blow your way today The crags in the sidewalk reach out to aggravate your path and Everything seems a little dimmer  Words carry a weight that feels like concrete Flowers bend the other way at your beckoning Long sleeves and loose pants make it easier to see yourself  A little brighter in the mirror  The deep, burgundy scars that are self-inflicted seem  To be the new social fad, the only real release of emotion  But there is nothing deemed socially acceptable about being sad and feeling lonely  The new seeking for attention entails making your sadness visible instead  Of what just used to be known as a chemical imbalance. The ones with the real problems never ask for help,  They just make it look like everything is okay. Everything these days is self diagnosed  Including the level of how much education we think is possible to endure without  cracking  Without us having our brains split open with the force of its voice telling us  "No more." However this has been evolutionary in the making Times have been hard before now without the making of technology  But because we have it now, wouldn't you think it'd be easier? Wrong.  History has been opened the floor to the opinion of matters  Whether it be Republican  Or Democrat With their influencing of the way that education either ruins the lives of adolescents or  Gives them the nutrients to survive in the world of adults The only thing hindering adolescents from progressing into the real world  Is the social attention being paid to how stress and sadness is the prominent Theme most prevalent in the upcoming generations due the pressure that  Failing isn't an option anymore. Standards of stress and levels of acceptance are setting the bar higher and  Higher than ever before eliminating the weak and producing the powerful, Most educated, which is the most sardonic form of natural selection.  No wonder the evolution of educational history in adolescents is dwindling, because they  No longer see a point in trying to gain the prize at the end of the road  Due to the fact that they cannot even get to the starting line.  Students today see that there is a point in getting to their future, but no point in the path to Achieving it if it means enduring the hardships and  failures along the way.   These lugubrious students end up like the ones at the beginning of this poem: Without any sort of hope, and ever so dismal that they never achieve the greatness that they are capable of.  If the numbers of adolescents committing suicide due to the fact they cannot pass classes, and achieve their life goals isn't scary enough for an audience I'm not quite sure what is scary enough for you, after all, school isn't supposed to make you want to die. 

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