I hate you, but you hated me first.

I close my eyes, and understand,

The only way a child can,

To be beaten down with soap, and socks,

I beg forgiveness, the paradox.


I hate you, but you hated me first,

The child’s cries do quench your thirst,

You strike the demons from my body,

You leave me to soak in misery.


I pray to salvation above,

To give me wings let me fly above,

This miserable world,

Fly just like a bird.


Over the clouds I soar, and sail,

Yet stills my father will prevail,

Snatch me from my dreams,

Another day it seems.


How I hate you, and your ways,

The way of sadness, and deepened sorrow,

All of now, and yesterday,

Yet I still hope for a better tomorrow.



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