Look in my eyes

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 15:24 -- Nahili

When everybody looks at us

They say we are lovebirds,

Like grandma and grandpa

That you’ll take a bullet for me.

But I know for a fact you won’t, only Bruno Mars will.

If they looked closely in my eyes

They’ll see a feared little girl,

Lost in a world of love.

When people aren’t around your always pushin’ me around,

I remember one day you pushed me to the wall

Almost chocked me to death.

I’m so scared to walk way ‘cause I really love you

But I doubt you feel the same.

When I’m with my friends,

 They see my scars,

And I make up lies

 When they ask me ‘How’

I hope one day I’ll sand up for myself

Be the strongest girl I once was and out others

Who are in the same situation I was in.


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